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    TRAVEL | Our beloved minivan

    22 October 2016
    Roadtrip Australia minivan Toyota Tarago

    When I decided to go with my boyfriend to Australia we immediately agreed with one thing: we wanted to buy a car so we would have the freedom to go wherever we wanted to go. It wasn’t easy to buy one because, wow, there are so many different (bad!) cars on the market. And it’s so important to choose the right on. But we made our decision and bought ourselves a minivan. Traveling around Australia means you will spend many…

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  • img_3258_resized_20161009_073204149

    TRAVEL | On the road for a month

    Wow, we are already traveling for a month at the moment. Time is still flying when you having fun I guess. But at the same time it feels so much longer than just a…

    9 October 2016
  • lonely planet 40 dagen
    Count Down

    COUNT DOWN | 40 Days Left!

    Whut?! Is it already August? Now already? That’s not even possible right? July just started. And June went so fast already as well. Before we know, August is gone. And then there are just…

    1 August 2016
  • avontuur

    LIFE | A new adventure!

    ‘Are we really going to do it, to leave everything behind? Friends, family? Sell our stuff? Give up rent? Work? Throw away as much as possible and only keep the important stuff? Living out…

    6 July 2016
  • Travel

    TRAVEL | Traveling with

    What is even more exciting than traveling spontaneously? Traveling spontaneously without knowing your destination! For the second time I decided to take a small trip with And like the first time I am…

    26 April 2016