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    TRAVEL TIP | Turtle spotting around the Gili Islands

    27 September 2016
    Snorkel Turtle Gili Trawangan

    Going on a trip to the Gili Islands in Indonesia? Then you should definitely consider seeing the underwater world as well. Where you can find stunning places and animals on the islands in Indonesia, you can also find beautiful creatures and coral in the ocean. Like amazing sea turtles! Diving or snorkeling Never been underwater before? There are different options to enjoy this whole different world. A lot of places around the coastline offer dive courses where you can learn…

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  • lonely planet 40 dagen
    Count Down

    COUNT DOWN | 40 Days Left!

    Whut?! Is it already August? Now already? That’s not even possible right? July just started. And June went so fast already as well. Before we know, August is gone. And then there are just…

    1 August 2016
  • avontuur

    LIFE | A new adventure!

    ‘Are we really going to do it, to leave everything behind? Friends, family? Sell our stuff? Give up rent? Work? Throw away as much as possible and only keep the important stuff? Living out…

    6 July 2016
  • Travel

    TRAVEL | Traveling with

    What is even more exciting than traveling spontaneously? Traveling spontaneously without knowing your destination! For the second time I decided to take a small trip with And like the first time I am…

    26 April 2016
  • Europe Portugal

    HOTSPOT | Mercado Biológico de Óbidos

    I love books. For my work as a editor I am constantly busy with stories and adventures. And I love food. Good food. So what’s a better combination than traveling around in beautiful Portugal,…

    25 March 2016
  • Life

    LIFE | Belgium, stay strong. World, stay strong

    The world is changing. The world is changing constantly. And it will keep on changing. Forever. Without changes we will stand still and most of time you need progress to continue on in life.…

    22 March 2016
  • Flying with Ryanair

    BUDGET | Finding cheap flights with Skyscanner

    At moments when I am really busy with work and I barely have future travel plans, I always start searching for plane tickets on Skyscanner, my favorite website when it comes to finding cheap flights. Most…

    15 March 2016